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Introduction Dive

If you have never tried Scuba Diving or if you a beginner diver, we encourage you to try our Introduction Dive package with our experienced instructors who will guide you every step of the way to ensure you venture into this new world safely and confidently!



Package Includes:

  • Two dives daily at different sites
  • Transfer from anywhere in Hurghada to the boat and back
  • Equipment rental
  • Lunch on board 
  • All day free soft and hot drinks 

Price: €45

Transfer arrangements to the boat and back are free from anywhere in Hurghada. If you are staying in El Gouna, Makadi or Sahl Hasheesh there is an additional transfer charge of 30 Euros per car.  

As soon as everyone is on the boat, a member of the crew will give a general boat briefing to explain the daily schedule and the destinations you will be visiting on the day. Before you get into the water, your diving instructors will give a detailed brief of what you can expect during your dive and train you on how to use the diving equipment underwater.

The maximum duration of each dive is 20 minutes and you can go as deep as 6 meters during your Introduction Dive.


Daily Dive in Hurghada

We offer great deals on our Daily Diving packages, especially for those booking with us for multiple days. Every day we go to two different dive sites that we determine on the day of the trip according to weather conditions, giving you a great opportunity to explore more of the beautiful Hurghada reefs.

The Daily Diving Packages include your two dives daily, Lunch on board, soft and hot drinks all day long as well as transfer from anywhere in Hurghada to the boat and back. You can bring your own equipment or rent it from our center for a fee of 10 Euros daily

All of our equipment is brand new and barely been used, our tanks undergo Hydro and Visual tests periodically and are serviced regularly to ensure you get the highest quality air.

Daily Diving Packages

  • 1 Day 2 Dives – 50 Euros
  • 2 Days 4 Dives – 96 Euros
  • 3 Days 6 Dives – 141 Euros
  • 4 Days 8 Dives – 184 Euros
  • 5 Days 10 Dives – 225 Euros 
  • Check our Price List for more…

There are a multitude of options in Hurghada that you can take advantage of.

Try Drift Diving off our new Zodiac allowing you to get longer use out of your tank and see even more of our beautiful Hurghada reefs.

We also offer a number of options with our Zodiac such as drop off and pick up to dive sites around the boat, giving you more freedom to explore the corals and underwater islands as far as your curiosity takes you.

There are a number of amazing wrecks and caverns that we visit regularly. Witness how adaptable the marine life is in how they’ve created a new home for themselves in the wrecks, and discover the mysterious species and corals hidden in the depths of the caverns.

Package Includes:

Transfer from anywhere in Hurghada

Two dives daily at different dive sites

All day free soft and hot drinks

Lunch prepared fresh everyday

Not Included:

Transfer from El Gouna, Makadi and Sahl Hasheesh (30 Euros per car)

Dive equipment rental 10 Euros

Dive Computer 10 Euros

15L Tank and Nitrox Tank 10 Euros per tank


Of course, we understand that Scuba Diving may not be preferable to everybody; luckily with the great visibility, and the teeming marine life, you only need to break the surface of the water to experience the beauty of the waters below. We offer Snorkelling packages for just 30 Euros daily for all ages including Transfer, lunch, all day free soft and hot drinks and the Snorkelling equipment!

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